Monday, 13 August 2012

Tylers Christening

A  quick job for a couple of mates who had their little boy Christened this weekend.  Churches are terrible venues for photographs and i regularly struggle to take shots around churches without graves in the picture.  Add to that the normally piss poor lighting in churches and it all becomes a bit of a bother!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Gwithian and nearly wet feet!

The weathers not been the best in Cornwall over the past few months but eventually it seems that mother nature is giving us a bit of a break.  I say a break where what i really mean is that there are days when it's not pissing it down.  The sunsets have been poor because of the lack of cloud but there are a few shots to be had now and again if you pick wisely.  I visited Gwithian the other night only to be met with a fast incoming tide and a very shallow gradient beach - generally ends in wet feet and i was lucky to escape this time :)

Officers Mess Summer Ball 2012

I had the pleasure of doing the photographs for the RNAS Culdrose Wardroom Summer Ball again this year.  It's always a long shoot starting at about 1800 and running into the small hours but well worth the effort and free beverages - as the alcohol flows the photos change!

Another Explore

This is from a recent shoot with Sophie that i did a while back but the original image is topless and i wanted to be able to display it without too much flesh on show.  It took me a while to decide what to do with it and it may get edited again in the future!  Flickr seems to like this girl as this is the third "explore" that I've had after posting photos of her.