Friday, 3 February 2012

First photos of 2012.

I've still been struggling to get out and take some photos lately, more exams and even shittier weather hasn't helped matters much.  So a trip to Porth Naven last night to see whats occurring and try to take advantage of the imminent spring tides.  On arrival it looks busy and this is connfirmed when looking at the beach, there are 5 photographers already set up.  No biggy as i've done the dino eggs on the beach loads of times so off i went to a secret spot.  In the first photo, some of the pools were frozen which must have meant that it was really cold as they are filled with sea water.

The second photo i took after i packed up to go home and was looking for somewhere to have a quick pee :)

KFC on the way home, disappointing again!

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