Thursday, 29 November 2012

Porthleven @ Night Panorama

I've not done much landscape photography recently mainly due to the crappy weather but last night the sky was clear (ish) and there was little wind so i dragged the GF out to shoot a panorama. 30 Minutes and 20 odd photos later i was done. The final image consisted of 14 separate photographs manually stitched together in photoshop. I initially thought that I would let PS handle the stitching but quickly realised that it didn't do a very good job - often the case when there are clouds or water involved! Originally there were phone wires running right across the photo from left to right which again makes it more difficult. 8 hours and gallons of coffee later it was finished. 15024px x 3653px 36.86MB JPEG

Porthleven @ Night Panorama by SAR1N
Porthleven @ Night Panorama, a photo by SAR1N on Flickr.

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