Sunday, 23 June 2013

Poros, Greece

Last week i went to Poros in Greece for the wedding of two good friends, deciding to make it into a holiday as well.  Poros is a beautiful island and a bit of a millionaires playground by the amount and size of the yachts / cruisers in the marina!  Due to the topography of the island it was difficult to use the golden hours to create photos but not to be outdone i had to adapt.

A visit to the neighbouring island of Hydra one day gave me the opportunity that i had been waiting for.  There was a storm brewing over Poros and it allowed me to create the moody look that i had been hoping for.  The following set of pictures were taken as we sat and watched the lightning occur over Poros.

It wasn't long before the inevitable happened just as we were waiting to get the hydra-foil back but unlike the UK, it rained for an hour then buggered off, being replaced once again with sunshine.

The sun in Greece is harsh and i had to pick my time to do some long exposure shots that i had scouted  a few days before.

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