Thursday, 18 July 2013

Dave & Jo

Well it was the final wedding of the season and what a day it was.  The ceremony was due to start at 1300 and at 1100 the weather was perfect - nice and overcast.  By 1230 the sky was bright blue, the sun was directly overhead and i could be heard to be grumbling as i arrived at the registry office.  The nightmare that is a clear blue sky day for shooting a wedding that ultimately also occurs when the sun is it's highest is something that all wedding photographers experience.  The shadows are harsh, the people are squinting if you face them anywhere near the direction of the sun and if you put the sun behind them you tend to go through a lot of batteries as the flash fires at max power to compensate.  It's a lottery when you get to the reception venue especially if it's a hotel and depending on how many summer guests they have staying.  As it happens i had scoped the reception venue out a couple of days before and anticipated any issues that might arise.  The day went well, there were only 28 guests for the ceremony and all of them were very accommodating as i tried to get them all sorted.

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