Sunday, 2 October 2011

Collifird lake and Golitha Falls

With a hangover free Sunday on the cards i decided late to have a bit of a road trip up the A30 to scout around potential areas for some winter photographs.  First stop was Colliford Lake which i'd driven past loads of times on the way up country.

Basically 2 shots from slightly different areas and differing exposure times.

After the excitement of the lake i wasn't far from Golitha Falls, somewhere that people rave about so i thought i would check it out.  The resulting shot was obtained after a lot of pondering at where the "good stuff" was that everyone goes on about and a gashed leg from a slippery rock.

All in all a poor day out really, i wasn't expecting much because of the bright high sun but thought i may have come away with more than i did.

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