Monday, 17 October 2011

Porthleven different angle

I went out with the intention of bagging some shots and stitching them together to make a massive panorama, i've done it before and learnt that it's not as easy as it seems.  However not one to be out done by the limitations of technology i also wanted long exposure shots to stitch together.  First fuck up of the evening - using a really wide angle lens is not the best idea because of the distortion - i'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to shoot a load of shots on a 35mm prime when i could get the same using 2 shots on a 10mm dedicated ultra wide angle lens!  I took a series of shots and settled down for another disappointing sunset in "sunny" Cornwall.  Much amusement was had by watching the lady on the beach forget to use her shit bag for her dog and instead use her bare hand.  As i chuckled to myself she then proceeded to try to wash said shitty hand in the sea and got soaking wet feet by the next wave.  I was pissing myself so much that i almost fell off the rock i was sat on.  Next laugh a minute sat on the freezing rock was had from the lone surfer that was so desperate for a surf that he spent 20 minutes paddling around going nowhere and being in all the wrong places for the sparse number of decent waves that were coming in.  Anyway it got dark and after the shot i took last week of Porthleven at night i decided to raise the bar and see if i could get a panorama at night.  Here is the result:

These are a real bastard due to the fact that the camera doesn't have enough ambient light to focus, cleverly gotten around by focussing on a light area of the scene and nailing the camera into manual focus quick smart before re-framing!  Next pain in the are is that looking through the viewfinder yields as much a detail as a blind person would see - so again it's time to wing it every time you move the camera for the next shot in the sequence.  Not a bad attempt considering it blowing a gale?  Below are a couple of others that i took in the pano sequence that i decided to process separately:

I'm severely pissed off with the other shots i took to stitch together at sunset as they are a definite no-go due to the tide being further in/out on each shot, it really screws up the auto stitch in PS  and doing it manually is a non starter due to the complexity of the shots.  Live and learn to fight another day! 

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