Sunday, 18 September 2011

Argyl Reservior

I decided to do something different today and not take photographs of the sea but instead take photographs at a reservoir   I've driven past Argyl Reservoir quite a few time but it just looked like a load of water but someone said to me that because the water has dropped so much over the past few months, there were some cool old tree stumps exposed.  So donning my best new trousers i started my adventure in to the different and unknown.  On arrival i found that i might have to do a bit of walking this afternoon but it was nice if not windy so off i went. Quite quickly i stumbled upon some of the said tree stumps and started to walk over to them, it started to get very soggy underfoot and eventually the inevitable happened, stuck in the mud.  Now remembering numerous episodes of Bear Grylls i knew not to panic as it pushes you further into the deep stuff.  Too late, i was well and truly stuck.  Five minutes and various bouts of turning the air blue later i stumbled onto a firmer patch of ground.

Fairly impressed with the effort i moved further around the lake before hearing the familiar shouts of kids stuck in the mud.  It takes me back to my youth with my 3 cousins when we would egg each other on further into the mud before either losing a shoe or getting stuck fast.  Carrying on sniggering all the way, i stopped once more, not because i wanted to but because yet again the mud decided that i was going to.  This was starting to be another bad day out!  Yet more cursing and wondering why the hell i'd put the thickest, warmest coat in the world on and i was free again to continue in what was fast becoming the next iron man contest with regards to getting covered in shitty stinking mud!

After all that excitement it was time to top up the nicotine, reflect on my lucky escaped from the bog of eternal stench and to scrape the mud off my boots which by this time were starting to feel like they were encased in concrete.  All refreshed and feeling a couple of stone lighter i carried on without my lighter, bastard as it wasn't until i was about another mile around the lake that i found that i'd left it behind!

All in all a decent day out in an area that i wouldn't normally give the time of day.  By the way i recovered my lighter as i hadn't left it behind as first thought but instead it had slipped through a hole in the pocket of my 2 week old coat - they don't make things like they used to.

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