Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sennan Cove

A last minute decision to have a trip out to Sennan this evening resulted in an average couple of photos.  I keep forgetting that sunset is now starting at about 1920 hrs and again arrived on location later than i originally wanted.    First job, get a parking ticket from the bastard machine - Senna carpark machine by the way asks your last three of your registration number so that you can't be nice and offer your ticket to anyone else.  Surely you are paying for the space for a certain amount of time not a vehicle in a space for a certain amount of time?  £2 lighter, actually the fee was £1.30 but these things never give change even though they are full of it and i was ready to start. Well nothing ever goes as planned and i was losing the plot tonight and making basic mistakes which cost me dear, yes even i make basic mistakes sometimes :)  Grad on, adjust, take it off, 10 stop on, shit didn't set focus to manual, 10 stop off, grad back on, adjust, set to manual focus, take it off, gets splashed with spray, nevermind, 10 stop on, take grad out of holder, wipe spray off, shit now i don't know where it was set, 10 stop off, grad back went on and on and on............

I got a couple of decent shots i suppose considering it felt like everything was going against me.  Note to self, get there earlier and don't rush!

KFC on the way home, Godfather meal, recommended.

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