Thursday, 1 September 2011

First time for a while

I finally decided to drag my arse out and take some photos since i had a mate arriving from near London the day  after.  After much deliberation on where to go i decided to try Hayle Estaury.  The conditions weren't the best and my cable release decided to pack up soon after starting  - cheap Chinese crap.  Still i got a decent shot in the end and didn't get cut off by the tide this time.

Having attained a decent photo the night before i was ready with renewed excitement to leave home at 0430 to get a Porthcurno sunrise.  I've done plenty of sunsets in this area but never sunrises so it was a bit of a lash up trying to find out where the sun was  going to appear  from.  Thanks to bad traffic (yes i know it was 0430 but still) i didnt need to look too hard after arriving on location as it was already rising fast.

A quick bite at the awesome eatery that is McDonalds and it was off to Trebah Gardens.  I'd not been there for a while and was looking forward to seeing how it had hadn't!

The weather started to get wet and we decided to make a trip to the Eden Project in St Austell.  An hours drive and £22 each lighter (plants are expensive apparently) and i was ready to photograph some foliage and believe me there is a lot of it in those biomes.  First snag, misting lens, it's hot as hell in there and i was sweating like a rapist in a nursery.  After a good dose of man the fuck up i began.....avoiding the fat tourists, push chairs, buggies and general nob heads.  This was starting to be the shittest idea since i confirmed that the kettle was hot by putting my hand on it!

Hmmmm, yes very interesting.  Best thing about that trip?  The overpriced icecream!

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