Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Dorset Flying Visit!

I had the chance to visit Dorset again this week and decided that i would try to get to some places that i've either never been able to get to or find.

Day 1

First stop was Portland Bill which is decidedly further in reality than it looks on the map!

Not much happening there as it's obviously better at sunrise so it was off to Old Harry Rocks near Swanage.  Now i've been to Swanage quite a few times but never seen these rocks but have since discovered that they are further around the headland than i thought.  After a drive that saw me scraping down the narrowest lanes imaginable i found where i wanted to be and also found that i was to endure a "mile" walk!  Don't you just love those stone signs informing you of the distance to somewhere only to discover that the person who measured it was  probably the worst mathematician in the world?

The first picture involved a very narrow walk to the end with a drop either side of 100 feet, and a slight left to right wind that didn't help matters!Not the best conditions to take photographs but it was a good to scope the place out for future reference!

Day 2

Having failed to get a sunrise because of the incessant rain i decided to have a look at Wardour Castle.  This is the castle that's featured in the film Robin Hood Prince of Thieves - Thieves being the best word considering it cost £4 to get in!

I was going to try to get back to Old Harry Rocks for a sunset but everything was against me - traffic, satnav, ferries etc so i stopped at Sherborne Hill hoping to recover some sense of worthiness in going out.

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