Thursday, 1 September 2011


Day 1

Well, where do i start?  I decided on a few days in Dorset to see if i could photograph the locations i didn't manage to get to last time i was there.  A sunset at Kimmeridge first on the menu and after an hours drive on possibly the worst roads in the country i arrived relieved that i wasn't going to have to pay the £5 toll road fee.  Bit gutted really as i was looking forward to raging to the spotty student on a summer job that i had no intention of paying his ridiculous fee to drive 500 yards to the car park!  Who the fuck thinks this shit up?
Anyway, on exiting the car i decided that the safe steps to the beach were the soft way and opted instead to follow the path down the cliff - bound to be quicker.  I got to the bottom and was surprised that i would have to jump down the last bit, it was only about 6 feet after all.  Mid way down i discovered that i'd made the mother of miscalculations and it was more like 12 feet.  Hitting the deck hard with an extra 12 kilos on my back i did a roll that any commando would have proud of.  Dusting myself down i looked around to make sure that no one had noticed....FAIL!  Some very helpful beardy quickly enlightened me that there were steps over there!  Noting his helpful comment with a nod and grunt i started to hobble off whilst trying to ignore the pain from my twisted ankle and the blood pouring out of my elbow.  I made it about 100 metres before sitting down to top up the nicotine levels and to inspect the war wounds a bit better.  Thankyou kind German lady that cleaned my cut with what was possibly the most stinging antiseptic in the world.  Right time to start work.

Time to move to the extreme right of the beach, already checked the tide times.  The sun had started to go down and it was ready for some long exposures to bring out the colour.

On the way back home i had to stop to get a photo of the hay rolls, never see this sort of shit in Cornwall in this quantity or with that backdrop.

Day 2

A trip to Lulworth Cove was in order to photograph it from a higher viewpoint than i had done before.  As luck happened i stumbled on the path to the top of the hill above the cove instead of winging it through the undergrowth and even so it felt like climbing Everest.

Day 3

Impressed with my efforts at Lulworth the night before i decided to go back to the same place for sunrise.  Packing up the car at 0400 i thought due to the stupidly early time of day that i would get there in record time, why do i set myself up for these disappointments.  Every milk float, tractor and shit driver must of been informed of where i was going and decided to play the game.  Tanking it down the A35 i was met by what looked like 2 headlights coming out of a turning, on getting closer at over the national speed limit i discovered that it was in fact a camper van trying to do a 60 point turn in the middle of the road.  On anchors and an impressive response time for the time of day i narrowly avoided t-boning these two twats.  Fatal accident avoided i carried on the journey smoking myself to death.  By the time i arrived to climb Everest again the sun was already starting to rise, ever think that you're doing it all wrong????  I swear that the sun rises faster when you're still trying to get to the location and once you're there it just goes into slow as shit mode.  A little wait around,3 fags and a piss later it was time to start.

It wasn't quite the sunrise i expected so i killed some time doing a panorama.
5 separate photos stitched together in photoshop.

Was it worth getting up early and going back?  Probably not but the look on the passengers face in the camper van was priceless, he saw life flash before his eyes and must have been praying hard as shit to the brake gods that morning!

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